jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

The one

Are we really meant to be? Do we really have a so called "soul-mate"? Or are we being naive when we believe that?
All of them big questions.
All of them without answers.
No, no answers, but ideas, that's what I have to share with you today.
We meet hundreds of people every day. We see them, we pass them by, we sometimes talk to them but most of the time we don't really notice them. Our life is a mix of people, thoughts, situations and drama. We don't know what is that we are supposed to do with our life, what is our propose [if we have one] , but what we do know is what we can do with the spare time. We search, search for love, search things that makes us feel happy or remotely full of something rather than air. And some times, most of the times, you meet someone. And that's about it .Once you found that person, you feel complete. But what are you supposed to think? Why do we always look for "the one"? Who is that one? What if there is no one, and we just have people, moments and situations, situations that make us think someone is THE ONE, but he or she is only one of all, one that do makes you feel complete, and in love. In 18 years of life, I've found out that I'm not sure about anything when it comes to the heart. There is just one thing I'm sure, even though all of the things I just said, I do think you have to look for the one. 
And that one for me, is the one that makes you happy no matter what, the one that has the power to hurt you so bad you can't even think about it, and you know that, but still you have to be around that person, and you know that he or she is never going to do that, not on purpose. That one makes you feel like you can fly, like you are full of "helium" and you can lift of the floor in any second. That one not only makes you feel good, you and that one simply fit together, you fit together in almost every situation (pay attention to that because is kind of a big deal) and you don't have to try to fit, either you fit or you don't. And that person feels the same thing about you, and is not afraid to show it, not afraid to make you know that, in a way or another, to stand up for you.
You see why is so hard to find this "one"? See if you can easily find someone whit all those attributes, and if you can dear, hold  on to that person!

Remember, the heart is the easiest judge, but not because of that you have to stop listening. Trust me, I know what I'm saying

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